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Linstone Housing distributes £264k to Renfrewshire communities during pandemic

Linstone Housing has announced it has completed distributing a cash amount of £264,500 to help Renfrewshire battle the coronavirus pandemic

The housing association was tasked with issuing the giant sum to scores of groups after being designated a “community anchor organisation” by the Scottish Government.

The role was to forward money from the government’s “Supporting Communities Fund” – set up to combat the chaos inflicted by COVID-19.

Linstone swung into action quickly - inviting organisations across Renfrewshire to apply for the vital funding.

Now the association says it is proud to have been given the responsibility to make a difference to people’s lives during the unprecedented health emergency.

Adele Fraser, chief executive of Linstone, said: “The last six months have undoubtedly been the most challenging many of us have ever lived through. The pandemic has touched so many people and thrown countless lives into chaos.

“Linstone is proud to have played our part in distributing Scottish Government funding which – when forwarded to these organisations – has endeavoured to ease the difficulties so many people have faced.

With our strong local connections, we were ideally placed to carry out this important role and want to thank those brilliant organizations who have stepped up to the challenge. Using this money, their dedication and hard work has in so many ways made a real difference.