Low Cost Hajj Packages with 5 Star Facilities

  • Life is more like a battlefield where only way to win is to be courageous. One doesn’t have to fearless to face all the challenges of life but it is about dealing them with enough courage.  Islamic upbringing and the lifestyle of Prophet (PBUH) can perfectly explain the need of courage for today’s life.  Character building was the ultimate mission and motive of Muhammad (PBUH) but it was not confined to the morals and values, it was also about standing for what’s right.

    Perform Hajj and be courageous to face Allah with all of your deeds, know him, and be grateful to him for every moment of life. Al Hijaz Tours has some Low Cost Hajj Packages for Muslims residing in United Kingdom. Feel free to book you Hajj packages in advance.

    Personalities are defined by the character you posses, the way you react to the uncertainties of life. Islam is the religion of truthfulness and courage is the expression of truth, on the other hand hypocrisy is the expression of fear. It is the fear of non-acceptance of the people or the system. Today we need courage and willingness to be strong and valid in the world of hypocrites.  Despite of having vast knowledge in every field, people are drowning themselves in falsehood. We have no more courage to stand for what is right.

    We only want to be acceptable for others, every now and then we strive to develop the character which is more likely to be attractive for the norms followed by hypocrisy.  This won’t take you anywhere in the life.

    Al Hijaz Tours is now open for advance booking of Low Cost 5 star Hajj Packages 2018 for next year. Contact our team now and plan your hajj with us. Hajj and Umrah packages in most reasonable prices are available only with Al Hijaz Tours.