Words and Actions of a Faithful Person

  • Everything in this world is related and ultimately your actions and words are counted every time you speak or act. People will easily know the difference between these two. Faith of a person should not only reflect from his words but from actions too. This time Muslims have been diagnosed with the disease of lying about everything. People even lie about their real personalities too, they don’t want people know the bitter truth about them and continue destroying the image of faithful people too. Allah has given you two path one is tough but the destination is amazing, one seems quite easy but destination is full or pain.

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    Your actions are reflection of your words; one who is faithful to Allah should act accordingly. Your speech is what matter when you act on anything. Only saying about your affection towards Allah is not enough when you don’t act as his faithful servant. The clash between these two can lead you to a serious damage, the trust level would go down and you would have to face its consequences.

    If you are not obedient to Allah then there is no point of saying it. No doubt that intention is what matters for Allah but if your deeds are just for show off then it’s of no use. So, watch out your words and actions so you may not need to lie about anything.

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